Anthony Penklis Art Gallery 


Cairns, located on the north of Australia, has the world’s oldest primeval forest.


In the vast tropical rain forest, it’s vibrant and colorful, just has a pure life that is passed down from ancient times and has a marvelous beauty I can’t say more, the heavy rain pours down. It sweeps away a huge amount of trees and scraps tumbling down on the ground, and carries away them. They are ” pieces of life “, called driftwood. It comes down on Barron River and drifts calmly and peacefully to the mouth of river. A piece of primeval life goes on a trip from the mountains to the river, towards the sea beyond the time and the space.

At Holloways Beach, 15 minutes driving away from the city, there is a man who is fascinated by “pieces of life”. He picks up them, gathers them and plays with them innocently, and gives a next life to driftwood unconsciously. This is Anthony Penklis. He also drifts and struggle with something sparkling into nature of Australia, and said straightly “Mother Nature is just the right Artist, not me.” He looks very free, on the other hand is like a seeker after truth. Anthony really wishes to be loved from nature and live in this world, so we can imagine he will go to artist accordingly. I would like to perceive a voice of nature through his art and I can believe it to be done.

It seems that Mother Nature has selected him to a partner and comes to live in his eyes.

There is a heart in nature as same as there is a heart in humans.


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